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Well I think I edit my journal only during winter and summer break :p
So, i think Im officially done with sophomore year. Im both happy and worried, Happy because it's summer which means no pressure for homework,and worried because Im halfway done my college year :(
Im just not excited to graduate and looking for a job... Hope Im a student forever.

Plan for summer so far:
1. Finish my 5 chinese element sculpture. I've done 1 and it's in student show, and now working on the other 4.
2. Meanwhile working on 5 elements, Im also planning to sculpt a chess (honestly I opened dictionary to check how to spell chess. Is it cheese? chesses? cess? lol) series with underwater theme (oh yeah! I LOVE fish!!)
3. Practice some digital painting
4. Gigantic graphite portrait

And.... I have 3,5 months to finish all of them.. haha.. I need to work my ass off!

But no worries! Im just not overwhelmed with artsy stuff. Im also working at school library everyday to make some money and I'll have a trip to Seattle and Vancouver early June! Or maybe more trip if somebody planned to :p

So, I'll see ya next winter since I just update this journal every winter and summer break. You can check my accomplishment on my gallery.

Have a wonderful, sunny, hot, bright, FUN summer :D

-Mr Jo-
  • Listening to: Im excited for Jay's new album
  • Reading: Hubble, a journey to space and time
  • Watching: DVD from the libraries and lot's of asian drama
  • Playing: sculpture house
  • Eating: G-iraffe
  • Drinking: Water
Hey it's winter already, and yeah, it's CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas everyone!!!! So after a "quick" third semester in art school, it's time to make my own art! But, anyway I can't just be at home relaxing,  I use 2/3 of my break for working in the library D: so I use the other 1/3 for do some art. Im learning how to paint digitally in photoshop. Im working on some right now, and I'll post it in my deviant right after I finished it up.. so, keep warm and just stay away from cold :D
  • Listening to: Lady Gaga Monster
  • Reading: Thesallonians
  • Watching: Anything
  • Playing: Wacom Tablet Pen
  • Eating: Anything blue
  • Drinking: Warm ginger water
WELCOME to sophomore year, Mr Jooooo!!!!!!!
Finally Im "officially" majoring in Illustration. Im so excited, and now Im learning how to paint in acrylic =.="
  • Listening to: Some New Indonesia Song that I found during break
  • Reading: How to paint acrylic realistically
  • Watching: Anything
  • Playing: Brushes
  • Eating: Anything purple
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper soda
Finally, Im back to Columbus again after 2 amazing month break in Indonesia.. Did some art stuff for sure, and school start in less than 3 weeks. I still have some stuff to do!

blah..blah..blah.. speak only no action =.="
  • Listening to: Some New Indonesia Song that I found during break
  • Reading: Why I have to go to China?
  • Watching: Anything
  • Playing: Brushes
  • Eating: Anything make me full
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper soda